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Big providers of web services such as Facebook and Google liberally use cookies to make their services work, track user behaviour, sell us things and personalise our browsing experience. They are necessary and they are helpful.

The legislation was brought in to begin to inhibit the reach of corporate interests into private lives.

To enhance our users' browsing experience, we like to know how people, like you, use our website. We use Google Analytics, which is estimated to run on 90 per cent of websites. As an entirely cookie-based analytics solution it is not compliant with the legislation without the provision of explicit consent by website users. And this is why we ask.


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  • Why Toyota Prius? 

    The Toyota Prius has won many accolades including ‘Car of the Year’ for being one of the most advanced hybrid vehicles available. Seamlessly switching between a petrol engine and electric motor, the prius will provide silent, comfortable travel as well as ultra low emissions.

  • How much are you emitting?

    Our ‘greenies’ here in HQ can work out just how many CO² emissions you are emitting when travelling with us and if you’re interested we will show this to you online or your next bill. If you’re not interested you can sit back knowing that you are doing your bit for the environment.

  • A Green Future

    Brucar continues to look into newer ways of investing in the future and green travel is just the start. By investing in new greener technology and efficient brucar looks to expand into London’s largest green minicab fleet while at the same time reduce our CO² emissions....

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Brucar is the public arm of its corporate brand Brunel. We also offer First, Business and International services at Brunel - Worldwide Ground Transportation.

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