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On the move the brucar app is the new alternative to booking a minicab instantly with no hassle. Long gone are the days of the yellow pages or hailing Black Taxis in the street when it’s pouring with rain.

The brucar app gives you instant visibility of all the brucars in your area which are available to hire and lets you instantly choose your own vehicle just for you. Whether you are in an office, restaurant or bar we find you with your GPS location and all you have to do is verify this address, enter where you want to go, choose the vehicle you want (or one that’s nearest to you) and we provide the delay,  you accept the price and we do the rest!

Once you have chosen your vehicle our systems allocate the driver to your journey and provide you with a countdown estimated time of arrival.

If you feel like you want to know where your driver is just pop open the live tracking to view your driver with all of the vehicle details. While you are there feel free to ring the driver with auto touch dialling.

Even better, if you see an empty brucar on your travels just find it on your App and book the vehicle for hire. That’s what we call a real service!

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1. Book Now

As an alternative to the ‘BOOK ASAP’ button, you can touch a green ( available car ). Touching a car will prompt the user to ask if they want picking up ASAP before taking them to the confirm lead passenger.

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2. Choose Location

Choose your pickup or destination by either searching for an address by postcode or location type. Alternatively select an address from your contact address book on your iphone. We also show you your recent addresses for ease of use.

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3. Price

Checking the price shows a summary, allows for voucher codes and asks the user to confirm the price.

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4. Payment

Once the user selects a payment option, we check the account status if not already signed in..

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5. Your Current Bookings

Navigating into “My Account” and “My Booking” allows the user to track the car. Via “My Bookings” the user will see a list of current booking and access to the tracking.

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6. Map View

Current bookings are shown on the map. Touching the booked car allows the user to track the car.

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About Brucar

Brucar is the public arm of its corporate brand Brunel. We also offer First, Business and International services at Brunel - Worldwide Ground Transportation.

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